Technical Specs


Capacity 976 seats


Proscenium Width 37 feet 6 inches [11.3 meters]
Proscenium Height 18 feet [5.5 meters]
Apron to Main Curtain 5 feet 2 inches [1.5 meters]
Apron to Upstage Wall 36 feet [11 meters]
Main Curtain to Upstage Wall 30 feet 10 inches [9.2 meters]
Center Stage to SL wall 30 feet 10 inches [9.2 meters]
Center Stage to SR wall 39 feet [11.8 meters]


FOH Audio Systems
  • 10 x JBL VRX932LAP (Main Speaker Array – Flown)
  • 4 x JBL VRX918SP (Main Sub Array – Flown)
  • 10 x QSC CP8 (Zone Fill Speakers)
  • 6 x JBL SRX812p (Stage Monitors)
  • 1 x DBX DriveRack 4800 (Loudspeaker Zone Management System)
  • 1 x DiGiCo SD11i Core2 (Digital Mixing Console)
  • 1 x DiGiCo D-Rack (32x16 Stage Rack)
  • 1 x DiGiCo SD-Rack (56x24 Madi-Rack)
  • 1 x Allen&Heath MixWizard3 16:2 (16ch Analog Mixing Console)
  • 1 x Numark CDN77 USB Professional MP3/CD PLAYER
Wireless Systems
  • 24 x Sennheiser EW500 G3 Wireless Receivers (Group A, B, G)
  • 24 x Sennheiser EW500 G3 WL Belt-Pac Transmitters (Group A, B, G)
  • 6 x Sennheiser ASA-1 Antenna Splitters (Group A, B, G)
  • 6 x Audio-Technica AEW-R4100 Wireless Receivers (540-565Mhz)
  • 6 x Audio-Technica AEW-T1000 UHF Wireless Transmitter (540-565Mhz)
  • 1 x Audio-Technica AEW-DA550C Antenna Distribution (540-565Mhz)
Microphone & Direct Box
  • 2 x Radial ProAV2 Multi-Media Direct Box
  • 6 x Radial ProDi Passive Direct Box
  • 2 x Digiflex DSPDI Passive Stereo Direct Box
  • 1 x Digiflex DPDI Passive Direct Box
  • 6 x Shure SM58
  • 4 x Shure SM57
  • 4 x Shure Beta57A
  • 8 x Shure MX202 Microflex (Overhead Choral Microphones)
  • 6 x Sennheiser EW500 G3 WL Handheld Transmitters (E945 Capsule)
  • 2 x Sennheiser E609 Silver
  • 1 x Sennheiser E602-ll
  • 4 x Sennheiser E604
  • 2 x Sennheiser E614
  • 4 x Audio-Technica AT8538 Clip-On
  • 4 x Rode NT5 (2 x Stereo Pairs)
  • 2 x DPA D:VOTE 4099P (Piano)
Cabling & miscellaneous:
  • 2 x Rapco (16x4 50ft Sub-Snakes)
  • 1 x Digiflex (12ch 50ft Sub-Snake)
  • 1 x Digiflex 16ch x 4rtn/multi-core Audio Snake (Installed SR to FOH Mix Position)
  • 1 x DiGiCo - TourCat 5 EtherCon Digital Snake (Installed SR to FOH Mix Position)
  • 1 x DiGiCo - 5pr Coax/Madi Snake (Installed SR to FOH Mix Position)
  • 40 x 25ft XLR (Microphone Cables)
  • 14 x 50ft XLR (Microphone Cables)
  • 12 x K&M Telescopic Microphone Boom Stands (Tall)
  • 8 x K&M Telescopic Microphone Boom Stands (Short)
  • 6 x K&M Straight Telescopic Microphone Stands
  • 4 x StageWorx Opera Straight Telescopic Microphone Stands/Variable Angle


Location Center booth beneath Balcony
Control ETC ION XE 20 lighting console
Dimming Leprecon Forty Eight 2.4K per dimmer, DMX Addressable, Patch Bay, 96 Circuits Hard Wired
Circuits 96 Total Circuits:
  • Eight 2.4K @ FOH pipe (circuits 1 - 8, House Left / Stage Right to House Right/Stage Left)
  • Eight 2.4K @ #1 X-Ray (circuits 9 - 16, HL/SR to HR/SL)
  • Eight 2.4K @ 1st Electric (circuits 17 - 24, HL/SR to HR/SL)
  • Eight 2.4K @ 2nd Electric (circuits 41 - 48, HL/SR to HR/SL)
  • Four female Socapex connectors 24 @ 2.4K per @ front of dimmer HL/SR (circuits 67 - 90)
  • 10 Source Four Juniors 575 watt lekos
  • 8 Source Four 26 degree 575 watt lekos
  • 8 Source Four 50 degree 575 watt lekos
  • 14 Chauvet COLORado 72Tour Battens
  • 12 Elation SixPars
  • 8 Elation Chorus Line 16
  • 3 Chauvet QSpot 560
  • 2 ADJ Vizi BSW 300
  • 2 Elation Pro FS 15R followspots
  • Panasonic Projector - Model NECNP-PA1004UL
  • Antari HZ500 Hazer
  • Four 8' truss sections with weighted bases
  • FOH lighting truss on chainfalls
  • Sandbags
Rigging Accessories
  • Access panels from FOH to on stage
    (No cables or equipment permitted on Fire Curtain Line

Venue Photos


The Holy Heart “Auditorium” opened with its first official event on September 25, 1962 celebrating the graduation of the class of that year. It was a gala affair with invited guests sporting tuxedos and fine attire. The auditorium was equipped with the lighting, sound and stage facilities of a professional theatre of the day with a seating capacity of 1100. Actors, musicians and audiences praised its acoustics. It boasted an orchestra pit, dressing rooms, box office and coat check facilities, an inviting lobby and a Steinway grand piano imported from Germany . When it was opened, it was not only considered the best theatre in Newfoundland , but also deemed one of the top five theatres in Canada . Halifax at that time did not have a comparable facility. An interesting note to frugality and heritage is that the seats in the balcony were obtained second hand from the old Cornwall Theatre on Cornwall Avenue (now part of the Smith Stockley complex).

Over the years the auditorium has been a resource not only for the school, but for the community as well. It has featured the Canadian Opera Company, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, major local theatrical and musical productions, community concerts, the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, the Kiwanis and Rotary music festivals and regional and provincial drama festivals. It has also been the speaking venue for such renowned guests as Mother Theresa of Calcutta . Its central location and size secured its place on the St. John’s cultural scene.

The operation, management and maintenance of such a facility has proven to be a daunting task for a high school. From 1962 to 1984 all aspects of the operation of the facility were managed solely through the school. In 1984 a volunteer group of parents and community members collaborated with the school to form the Holy Heart Cultural Association whose mandate was to oversee the management, operations and maintenance of the auditorium. This volunteer group implemented a number of improvements including the installation of the rubber screen obtained from the old Capital Theatre and an upgraded lighting system from CBC. The Association disbanded in 1990. From 1990 to 2004 the management and operations of the auditorium were contracted out to the private sector until the auditorium was forced to close temporarily in 2004 so that essential maintenance and safety issues could be addressed. After 42 years of operation the auditorium was showing its age. It required a major technical retrofitting and significant cosmetic improvements.

In 2005 the Holy Heart Auditorium Restoration Project was initiated when a devoted team of volunteers committed to restoring the auditorium to its former glory. This initiative began with the immensely successful run of Sheilagh Guy-Murphy Productions’ Steel Magnolias. Five, hugely talented graduates of Holy Heart, who each volunteered countless hours of rehearsal and performance time, put on a memorable show. The money raised from this production enabled the Restoration Committee to purchase a new sound system and new stage lighting for the auditorium, as well as restore the Steinway grand piano. The Provincial Government and the District School Board were also incredibly supportive of the Restoration Project. Much of their contribution is hidden in the very walls of the auditorium in the form of structural and electrical upgrades. Since 2006 the newly named Holy Heart Theatre has continued to be a source of cultural interest in the community and improvements are ongoing as finances allow.

The Holy Heart Theatre is an impressive structure with a proud history. Continued support will allow it to take its place in the cultural community of St. John’s in the 21st century.