Steffen Dance Studio – The Show Will Go On 2021

Alternate Venue Performance – Tickets on sale Saturday, May 1st @ 10am

This show IS NOT at Holy Heart Theatre. It is at Canon Stirling Auditorium in St Mary’s Church, 1 Cornwall Cres.

Tickets for the May 15th show go on sale Saturday, May 1st @ 10am for online sales only via the box office website 

Tickets for the June 5th shows do not go on sale until Saturday, May 22 @ 10am (pods will be 4 seats for the June 5th shows)

Each family can purchase ONE bubble (pod) of seats. Each dot on the seat map represents a pod of 3 seats. We only have enough pods for one for each family. We cannot split pods or sell partial pods. Each pod of 3 seats is $66 and includes, HST, a credit card service fee, plus box office ticket charge. Once you select your pod (dot) on the seat map click the CLOSE button on the lower right of the seating map screen and you will be directed to the payment screen. Payment will show up as $64 + $2 for a total of $66.

Dancers in this show can sit on a parents lap and of course need no ticket.

If we have any bubbles left over those seats will be released 2 days before the shows. All families should ensure they have purchased tickets before that date.

We know many of you would like more tickets than we are able to offer and we really wish there was another way, but in order to have a live show we must following the Public Health measures given. You may video your dancers and even FaceTime (discreetly) other family members if you wish. Our bubbles are created with free standing seats allowing us to separate bubbles by 6 foot intervals so that you can be safely seated. This setup also provides room to get to your seats. All seats will be wiped down between shows.

We will have professional lighting and sound and most of all, our dancers get to perform for a real audience. It’s going to be a very special occasion!