Sheila Williams – You Better Watch Out



HAUL OUT THE HOWLING! SHEILA WILLIAMS IS COMING TO TOWN! As I say, no one is perfect. So put on the Christmas sweater you got from that sweet but misguided gift giver and come on out to my YOU BETTER WATCH OUT Island Tour! I’m packin’ up Joe Tompkins, my piano player, cause he looks good in the Santa hat. You all remember Joe! Certainly, I’ll bring my guitar since a good Christmas song is somewhat lacking without it. And, of course, I wouldn’t dream of leaving home without my alter egos – the much sought after Mrs. Mavis McGrath, the scintillating woman- about- town Miss Patsy Conway, and the wise and true Mary who loves Christmas because she gets to spend so much time in church. To tell the truth, they go wherever I go!